SWDC - Sex Work Donor Collaborative


Frequently Asked Questions

How are you collaborating with the sex workers’ rights movement?

  • We don't currently have a formal partnership with particular sex worker rights organizations or networks, but we learn about and communicate with sex workers, sex worker organizations and movements throughout the world through our members. We are currently exploring ways to more formally partner with and be transparent to the movement.

How can I get involved with the collaborative?

  • We invite all grant-making institutions who agree with our values and mission to join us as members, and any funder interested in learning more about developments in the sex workers’ rights funding sphere can join our listserv, where we share updates and opportunities.

Does the collaborative make grants or donate to organizations?

  • No, the Sex Work Donor Collaborative is a collaboration of funders which does not make grants or provide funding itself. We recommend that you visit our members page to research funding opportunities.

Can you distribute information about my funding need to your membership?

  • We unfortunately do not have the capacity to respond to funding requests at this time. Instead, we recommend that you research funding opportunities by checking out the websites of potentially relevant funders, like those mentioned on our members page. We recognize that there is very limited funding for sex worker organizing and rights work and we hope growing our influence and membership will change this.

Can I share my resource/article/report/event with the collaborative?

How can I find out more about sex workers’ rights?

  • Please visit our resource page to learn more about the funding landscape and priorities of the sex workers’ rights movement.