SWDC - Sex Work Donor Collaborative


How can I join the collaborative?

Join the Collaborative

We invite institutions whose primary activity is grant-making to join the collaborative. This includes private foundations, community foundations, family foundations, corporate foundations and giving programs, religious giving programs, public foundations, and other grant-making institutions. Membership is also open to individual staff members of such institutions, though institutional membership is encouraged and preferred.

To join the collaborative, applicants must commit to uphold our mission and values statement and be approved by the Steering Committee. Membership involves active participation in collective impact work to advance our mission. If you are interested in joining the collaborative, please click the button below and fill out the application form. Applications are reviewed and voted on by rotating members of the steering committee of the collaborative, so it may take two to four weeks for a response. We apologize for any delay.

Join the Listserv

The SWDC Listserv is a great resource for donors to maintain communication with one another in regards to updates, developments and opportunities in sex workers’ rights funding. You don’t have to formally join the collaborative to join the Listserv, but donors interested in joining the Listserv must be vetted by current members of the collaborative. If you’re interested in joining the Listserv, please fill out the following application: